RV Parking

Why should you use RV Parking near Richmond Raceway?

We have been parking cars and RVs for Richmond’s NASCAR races on our lots for the past several years. In the summer of 2007 we converted an area exclusively for Raceway RV parking. This space has the following features:

  • Reserve and pay in advance
  • Grass covered
  • Very close to RIR parking gate 4 and track gates 30, 40, 70 & 80
  • Water available – you haul
  • Sewer service available (additional charge)
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What are they saying about our camping spots?

  • Perfect campsite...
  • We enjoyed our stay...
  • The parking was excellent...
  • We enjoyed our camping experience...
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How close are our lots to the Richmond International Raceway?

  • Carolina A lot: 2957 feet (0.56 miles)
  • Carolina lot: 2904 feet (0.55 miles)
  • Walnut lot: 2376 feet (0.45 miles)

How does RV Parking near Richmond Raceway compare?

  • Azalea Flee Market: 4645 feet (0.88 miles)
  • Faith Life Tabernacle Church: 3643 feet (0.69 miles)
  • RIR Lot J: 5280 feet (1.0 miles)
  • Strawberry Hill Industrial Park: 2957 feet (0.56 miles)
  • The Showplace: 15840 feet (3.0 miles)
  • Trinity Family Life Center: 10560 feet (2.0 miles)

RV Parking Lot Map

  Indicates our three lots. Choose one to reserve your spot.
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