Can I reserve a spot for a non-NASCAR race weekend?

Unfortunately our lots are only open for NASCAR race weekends. There are many other RV parking and camping options in the Richmond area if you are visiting our city during a non-race weekend.

When can we check-in?

You can check in during the day beginning on the check in day. We'll send out a number to all those that have reservations the week before check-in. We'll ask that you call us when you are getting close so that we can meet you if possible.

Does the price online encompass the entire stay?

Yes, the price is from the earliest check in date to the check out date.

Do you have electrical hook ups?

No, but you are welcome to run a generator.

What about water?

There is water available at our building. It's very close. You just need something to haul it in. We can provide some assistance if you need it.

What is the charge for sewage? Is there a central septic tank or do you come and pump on site?

We have someone come in and pump out the RVs. You will pay them directly. Not sure of the exact charge about $20. We will also have several porti-johns on site for your use.

How many cars can we have?

You are renting a space. As long as you stay in the bounds of that space, we don’t limit what you have in your space.

Can we put up a tent?

Yep, you are renting a space. As long as you stay in the bounds of that space, we don’t limit what you have in your space.

Is there a pet policy?

Pets are allowed. Please be as neat as possible.

Can we have fires?

Fires are allowed but only in pits. No fires will be allowed directly on the ground.

How far are you from the track?

Close. Our lots are right across from gate 4. If you look at the picture on the home page, you'll see Laburnum Ave. We're on one side of Laburnum and the track is on the other. You can't get much closer without being on the track property.

Is there transportation to the track?

No. The police are very strict about non-licensed vehicles on the road during the race weekend.

Ok, we liked the space can we reserve the same one next year?

You can reserve any space that hasn't already been rented for any race. Just go on-line, choose the race and rent the space just like you did for this race. You'll have to pay now but you'll lock in the price for as many races as you rent it for.

Why don't you set it up so that if we've reserved we can do it again for the next race for some timeframe?

When we set up our web site the idea was to create an easy to use site for both the customer and for us. Creating a system that allows a timeframe that effectively locked the system and spaces for only those users who had reserved in the past was well over our budget. Instead we opted for a simple system that allowed customers to rent space in the future and protect their value by letting them lock in their price. Think about it. If you deposit your money in a interest bearing account today, you'd make ~3-4% (if you were doing well). The increase in rent will probably come close to a cost of living increase which is running 4-5%. So by renting your space out a bit, you are potentially saving/making 1-2% on your investment. That's more than if the money stays in the bank. Seemed fair and saved the money that setting up a special timeframes, reservation system would have cost.

Are there showers available onsite?

At this time, only the track offers shower facilities.